Operational management

In the context of its operations, UM processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • to prepare policy decisions in the field of operations and to create management information for UM’s management bodies;
  • to organise and hold university elections;
  • to process complaints, objections and appeals and to deal with other legal matters;
  • to keep financial records and to draw up and approve annual accounts and budgets;
  • to take photos and record videos during events;

  • to carry out marketing activities;

  • to perform (internal) audits;
  • to train new employees and to maintain the quality of the customer service;

  • to draw up UM’s annual reports;
  • to complete accreditation and certification processes;
  • to offer and provide products and services;
  • to purchase products and services and to manage contracts;
  • to secure, maintain and run the university’s buildings;
  • to secure information and ensure the proper functioning of IT facilities;
  • to cooperate in police investigations;

  • to inform the contacts of students and staff in the event of an emergency;
  • to keep a record of incidents and reports concerning (suspected) domestic violence and/or child abuse;
  • to compile user statistics for UM’s facilities.