Students going the extra mile

Medical student is 'flying high' at the Defensity College

Simon Cornelissen is not only attending the master's programme in Medicine. In addition to his busy curriculum, he is an ensign at the Dutch Ministry of Defence, where he works two days a week as a student assistant at the Defensity College, researching the effect of high G-forces on the lungs and specifically the after-effects.

My Favourite Place in Maastricht ⁠

My name is Faustine and I'm a French student in my second year at the European Law bachelor in Maastricht. The magical and 'sent back in time' atmosphere of the gothic building and my love for books automatically makes the Dominicanen church my favorite place in the city. I often spend more time and money than I have here, just discovering new books and pieces of vinyl. Also, with the weather getting colder these days I always enjoy reading with a hot chocolate in such a beautiful place.⁠

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In this latest edition, you can read more about the care farm, a new form of housing for older people, Martin Paul looks back with satisfaction on his time as president of the Executive Board and Suzan van der Aa, professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, explains why the bill criminalising sexual harassment is inadequate. And why does avoiding pain actually leads to more pain? Eveliina Glogan did her PhD research on the subject.  The Soulkitchen column offers a glimpse into the kitchen of UM employees, this time the Belgian Didier Fouarge, who prefers to bake his own bread and lead like Sergio Herman.

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