Wynand Wijnen Education Prize 2024 awarded to TeenzCollege

Maastricht University takes pride in the impressive initiatives that elevate the quality of our education. Therefore, we annually present the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize in honour of the staff members who make these initiatives possible and thereby contribute significantly to education.

TeenzCollege as the winner

This year, the award was presented to TeenzCollege, the English-language education programme for ambitious high school students. TeenzCollege plays an essential role in engaging young individuals with our university at an early stage. The programme not only encourages academic curiosity but also contributes to fostering a positive relationship between the university and young talent in our region.

Professor Bert Smeets from the Faculty of Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences accepted the award on behalf of the entire TeenzCollege team, which has been dedicated to this valuable initiative for the past 10 years.

The Wynand Wijnen Education Prize was awarded during the ceremony of our 48th Dies Natalis. In addition to this prize, the annual Dissertation Prize was presented. This year the award went to Sven Hildebrand for his thesis: 'Investigating human neocortical architecture in 3D: New approaches for clearing, labeling, and imaging large samples.'


UM Dies Natalis 2024
Photo: Philip Driessen