University of Aruba and UM sign agreement for Double Degree Master Programme in International and European Tax Law

The University of Aruba and Maastricht University signed an agreement today, Thursday 11 February 2016, to offer a Double Degree Master Programme in International and European Tax Law as of September 2016. The programme will be offered entirely in English.

Together, the Faculties of Law of Maastricht and Aruba will offer a Master of Laws (LL.M.) focusing on international tax law, which is aimed at students and professionals who desire to gain an in-depth understanding of Caribbean, Latin American, international and European tax law issues. This new programme is offered entirely in English and as such it aims to attract both local as well as international students and professionals. The programme will also serve to address a local need to train more specialists in tax law in Aruba, while allowing the expansion of knowledge, expertise and international contacts in this field.

In a Double Degree Programme students are awarded two degrees upon successful completion, one from each participating University. Double Degree Programmes offer Aruba and the University of Aruba an innovative way to set up new academic programmes with experienced and well-known institutions from abroad. The cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University signed today, is the first of its kind for the University of Aruba and thus another milestone in the University’s existence. 


With the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University, the University of Aruba has found a partner of international acclaim. This is reflected in the courses offered as part of the Double Degree Programme, which are taught by internationally experienced academics as well as local specialists and professionals.


Organising the programme in Aruba provides Maastricht University with a unique opportunity to access the Latin American market for higher education. In a real sense, therefore, the programme puts flesh on the bones of Aruba’s ambition to function as a hub between the America’s, the Caribbean Region and Europe. It also perfectly suits the University of Aruba’s own internationalisation strategy. By obtaining the Erasmus+ Charter and joining the Erasmus+ network of the European Union, the University has been able to expanded its network and study abroad opportunities for its students in Europe, the US and Canada significantly. A programme, like the Double Degree Programme in Tax Law, which is also aimed at Latin America, complements the University’s recent accomplishments perfectly. The programme provides students, including local students, with a rich international academic experience that will allow them to pursue future careers in Aruba, the Caribbean Region, Latin America and beyond.

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