9 March 2020

Two ambitious women on a mission

Meet the UM alumni who combine their work with an extracurricular activity such as a special hobby, a creative project, and so on. Today we lift the curtain on the successful movement Unleash Today, empowering young women leaving university and entering their first workplace. It was founded by alumni Kate Surala and Sarah Wagner. Kate tells you more about it.

‘The sky is the limit’

‘‘I would describe Sarah and myself as ‘two career-driven millennials under 30’. Sarah works in Beijing as a Project Manager, I work in London as a Partner and Chief Compliance Officer at a growing investment equity research firm. Who knows what our lives will be like in 10 years? The sky is the limit! Regarding the future of Unleash Today, we hope that we will be able to address topics related to juggling your career and family life. For instance, how do you return to work after having children, and how can you keep growing your career in your 30s? For now, we would like to say to all young women and graduates of Maastricht University: unleash today and be yourself. Always. Do not change so people like you. The right people will appreciate, uplift and celebrate the real you!’’


Text: Milou Schreuders

Do you want to learn more about Kate and Sarah? They will give an online lecture on Saturday 5 September 2020, at 14.00 CEST, during the online UM Alumni Week! For more information and registration, go to the UM Alumni Week web page