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Online UM Alumni Week 2020

This year, we do not organise a UM Alumni Day, but an entirely online UM Alumni Week! Join this largest UM alumni event ever, which will take place from 5 to 11 September 2020.

Did you graduate or will you graduate soon from Maastricht University or UMIO? You are more than welcome to enjoy digital lectures, stories, career workshops, sport sessions, meetings with old classmates and former professors, music, and more.

Choose in which activities you would like to participate and register today. Below you can find a programme overview.


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Links to sessions

You can find an overview of the Zoom links for the online UM Alumni Week activities on this webpage. Just click on the links to join the sessions. Note: please register yourself first if you have not yet done so!

Date, time, location, language

Date: 5-11 September 2020
Time: various - please note: all times indicated are in time zone Central European Time (UTC +2)
Location: Zoom
Language: English, unless indicated differently

More information

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Click on the menu items below for an overview of all activities during the online UM Alumni Week 2020. Note: you can join multiple activities every day, however, only one at a time.

Saturday 5 September
Worldwide inspiring stories

Boost your (career) skills

Monday 7 September

09.00 – Breakfast Booster by Prof. Dr. Huizenga (SBE/UMIO)
Strategic discipline: what can we learn from Nike, Uber, Grab and the All Blacks?

12.00 – Workshop by alumna Eszter Boros (UCM/FSE) - Project Coordinator & Founder of Careers in the Common Good
Shoot for the moon, start on the roof: bring your dreams to everyday life

20.00 – Alumni Coach Café - ACTIVITY IS FULL, there will be an extra edition this autumn
Alumni coaches help you with the next step in your career


Meet & connect

Tuesday 8 September

Alumni Breakfast Talks: meet fellow UM alumni in your region

07.00 – Alumni Breakfast Talks Middle East (local time: 10.00-11.00)

09.00 – Alumni Breakfast Talks North, South and East Europe (local time: 09.00)

10.00 – Alumni Breakfast Talks United Kingdom and Ireland (local time: 09.00)

14.00 – Alumni Breakfast Talks Canada (local time: 09.00)

16.00 – Meet your former classmates
Meet fellow alumni of your specific faculty and first academic year

17.00 – Alumni Breakfast Talks United States (local time: 08.00-09.00)

18.00 – Meet your former lecturers
Join a short lecture, a Q&A and talks with UM Professor:

  • Frank Thuijsman (DKE/FSE): Game Theory, from John von Neumann and John Nash to treatment of cancer
  • Roy Erkens ​(MSP/FSE): Evolution of and at Maastricht Science Programme
  • Stephan Rammeloo (LAW): Challenges & Responses to COVID-19 in Private International Law
  • Arie van der Lugt (FPN): Bringing critical and creative thinking together
  • Mark Levels (SBE): The effects of Artificial Intelligence on social inequalities
  • Teun Dekker (UCM/FSE): Liberal Education in the Age of Complexity
  • Freddy Troost (UCV/FSE/FHML): The Centre for Healthy Eating and Food Innovation (HEFI)
  • Rob de Bie (FHML): Rehabilitation after surviving COVID-19
  • Esther Versluis (FASoS): How does the EU decide in times of crisis​?

Be active & have fun!

Wednesday 9 September

10.00 – Sports and performance psychology session by alumna Lobke Blom (FPN)
How do you perform at your best (mentally)? - activity in Dutch, you will need a pen, paper and a wall

Please use an exercise mat for the activities below:

12.00 – Health & Fitness sports session by UM Sports

12.30 – Health & Fitness sports session by UM Sports

13.00 – Health & Relax sports session by UM Sports

13.30 – Health & Relax sports session by UM Sports

18.45 – Powerkick sports session by UM Sports
Combination of high/low impact aerobics, Tae Bo, boxing and karate

19.45 – Body & Mind Mix sports session by UM Sports
Combination of yoga, pilates and tai-chi 


Learn from the professional

Thursday 10 September

Career Meeting Point: short lecture and Q&A with UM alumni (senior) professionals

08.30 – Breakfast Booster by Damien Nunes (UMIO/SBE)
How to grow your innovation capacity?

10.00 – Career Meeting Point by alumna Karlijn Jans (FASoS) – Defence Policy Advisor at the British Embassy in The Hague

11.00 – Career Meeting Point by alumnus Robert-Jan Sips (DKE/FSE) – Chief Technology Officer at myTomorrows

12.00 – Career Meeting Point by alumnus Patrick Voss (LAW) – Strategic Police Liaison for the United Kingdom and Ireland on behalf of the Netherlands Police
Leadership in international policing

12.00 – Career Meeting Point by alumna Aneta Spendzharova (FASoS) - Assistant Professor at Maastricht University - ACTIVITY IS FULL
Taking the next step(s) in your career: about ambitions, doubts and avoiding burn-outs

14.00 – Career Meeting Point by alumnus Rogier Veltrop (FHML) – Cardiovascular Researcher at Maastricht University’s department of Biochemistry
Stem cell research to unravel molecular mechanisms in cardiac disease

14.00 – Career Meeting Point by alumnus Tim Knabben (SBE) – Coordinator Engagement Lead Central Europe and Google Digital Academy at Google

16.00 – Career Meeting Point by Prof. Dr. Ir. Bart Vos (SBE/UCV) – Professor in Supply Chain Innovation at Maastricht University, Scientific Director at the Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation
The Brightlands Institute for Supply Chain Innovation

16.00 - Career Meeting Point by alumnus Rodolpho Zannin Feijó (MSoG/SBE) - Head of International Affairs at the City of Curitiba, Brazil

17.30 – Career Meeting Point by alumna Jocelyn Tang (FPN) – HR Management System Analyst at Foot Locker Europe BV
Contributing to workforce through people analytics


Festive closure, drinks & music

Friday 11 September

17.00 – Closure speech by Prof. Dr. Rianne Letschert, Rector Magnificus at Maastricht University, live music by singer-songwriter Marike Jager + Friday Afternoon Drinks

In her lecture 'Online education: permanent reset or back to where we came from?', Rianne Letschert is going to discuss the transition process and challenges of online education at Maastricht University. What are we going to further develop and what do we want to preserve?


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