A total of 3 honorary doctorates during the 48th Dies Natalis

This year, during our 48th Dies Natalis, we had the privilege of awarding three honorary doctorates. Professor Liesbet Hooghe and Gary Marks were jointly conferred with an honorary doctorate, and Professor Christian Leuz was also granted an honorary doctorate.

Liesbet Hooghe en Gary Marks

Professors Hooghe and Marks have been dedicated for over 30 years to advancing the understanding of multilevel governance, a concept that clarifies the entanglement of domestic and international levels of authority.

Both are professors of Political Science at the University of North Carolina and additionally serve as part-time research professors at the European University Institute in Florence. Their insights serve as a significant source of inspiration for many employees and students at FASoS who engage in research on issues related to European and global governance, populism, Euroscepticism, and national politics. For this reason, the faculty has nominated the couple for a joint honorary doctorate.

UM Dies Natalis 2024

Christian Leuz

Professor Christian Leuz is the Charles F. Pohl Distinguished Service Professor of Accounting at the Booth School of Business of the University of Chicago. Additionally, he is affiliated with various research institutes, serves as an editor for the top journal 'Journal of Accounting Research,' and is a sought-after economic expert for regulators and standard setters in the United States and Europe.

Due to his influential contributions to Accounting and Finance, Professor Leuz enjoys international recognition as a game changer in his field. Because of his enduring impact and groundbreaking research, he has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the School of Business and Economics (SBE).

UM Dies Natalis 2024

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