• tax law phd sieb kingma

    Inclusive Global Tax Governance in the Post-BEPS Era


    PhD thesis written by Sieb Kingma. After the 2008 global financial crisis, the international tax landscape really changed. Intergovernmental organizations such as the G20, OECD and UN are working on a fundamental reform of the international tax regime to make multinational enterprises and rich individuals pay their ‘fair share’.

  • Analysing the wide world of law with algorithms

    Analysing the wide world of law with algorithms


    Lawyers are often seen as ‘bookworms’, who are not averse to combing through the literature. But searching through ten thousand court rulings for the one that is most relevant can be too much for even the hungriest bookworm. The pilot project Web of Laws is therefore working to develop tools that quickly filter the relevant rulings for lawyers—with FAIR data use and open science as important anchors.

  • Law_mirza_Dinnayi

    Mirza Dinnayi wins prestigious Aurora Prize 2019


    At the Aurora ceremony in Yerevan (Armenia) on 9 October 2019, the prestigious (fourth) annual Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity was awarded to Mirza Dinnayi, co-founder and director of Luftbrücke Irak (Air Bridge Iraq).

  • Europees recht moet leidend zijn bij Europese aanhoudingsbevelen


    (This news item is only available in Dutch). Rechterlijke autoriteiten moeten bij het uitvaardigen en uitvoeren van Europese aanhoudingsbevelen (EAB’s) met betrekking tot verstekveroordelingen niet van hun nationale recht, maar van het Europese recht uitgaan. Dat is een van de belangrijkste conclusies van een rechtsvergelijkend onderzoek van de Internationale Rechtshulpkamer (IRK) van de Rechtbank Amsterdam en de Universiteit Maastricht.

  • Game of pleas: an empirical analysis of the pleas raised in recent EU antitrust cases


    PhD thesis written by Tom Mennicken.
    This research  contains an empirical assessment of the pleas raised in recent EU antitrust cases. It analyses all EU competition law judgments issued between May 2004 and December  2016, which deal with Article 101 or 102 TFEU decisions involving restrivtive practises.

  • Match Good Veurein

    Students deliver benefits to the city


    Local tv program Good Veurein made an episode about the benefits that students bring to Maastricht. Featuring Serve the City Maastricht, Match Maastricht, Jongeren & StudentenBuurtbemiddeling Maastricht and alderman Bert Jongen.

  • mobility

    Schritt für Schritt - Step by Step


    Electric mobility is the future? According to ITEM researcher Martin Unfried it sure is!

  • European Day Against the Death Penalty


    Jacques Claessen, criminal lawyer from Maastricht University’s law faculty, still thinks the European Day Against the Death Penalty on 10 October is important.

  • Punishing atrocities


    PhD thesis written by Shahram Dana.
    Key theoretical and doctrinal aspects of punishing atrocities remain underdeveloped. This study contributes to the normative maturation of atrocity sentencing  and punishment through doctrinal development of nulla poena sine lege in international law and theoratical advancement of the enabler factor.

  • PhD thesis written by Aline Larroyed.

    Translation accuracy and dissemination of disclosure of patent information: an analysis of translation and its influence on patent law


    PhD thesis written by Aline Larroyed.
    This research brought a contribution on the roles, features and future perspectives of patent translation and dissemination of disclosure of patent information in patent law. It brings a thorough analysis of patent cases through the perspective of translation, by showing the influence of translation in the different stages of a patent. 

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