Sustainability & food week

Last week was the Dutch National Week Without Meat. Alligned with that Green Office organised events during their Sustainability & Food week. Despite an early ending of the week due to COVID-19, Green Office had the chance to talk to a lot of people about their food preferences.

Alternatives to meat

Green Office food week

“On average, if you skip meat for a week, you have consumed 770 grams less meat than the average Dutch person tends to consume weekly. We took the chance of this meat free week to talk about the relationship between sustainability and food.”

At the Randwyck mensa, Green Offce came over to chat about a sustainable diet. “Together with UM’s catering company Albron, we offered free delicious vegetarian and vegan snacks and smoothies. We were very happy to hear that all of you enjoyed the meat alternatives and support Albron’s additions to the cantine's menu!”

Local foodcooperatives

Green Office food week

And together with Gedeelde Weelde and Foodcoop Maastricht, Green Office hosted a discussion on local food cooperatives. “Mushrooms grown in a local cave, the power of community building, the creation of alternative spaces and plastic-free packaging, these are just some of the subjects we have discussed.”

“Despite an early ending, we hope that you enjoyed Sustainability & Food Week as much as we did. Thanks again to Gedeelde Weelde, Foodcoop Maastricht and Albron for sharing their experiences , and thanks to everyone who joined and shared their critical questions and insightful comments!”

- Green Office: Katja, Catherine, Melanie, Nina, Svea & Willow.


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