KIVI Engineering Student Team Award

Student team MSP wins KIVI Engineering Student Team Award

The Maastricht University student team wins the first KIVI Engineering Student Team Award with their innovation Methagone. Their innovation, a food supplement made by bacteria that causes cows to emit less methane (greenhouse gas), has been declared the winner by the Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI).

The KIVI Engineering Student Team Award is an incentive prize for student teams. The student team prize was created by KIVI to give the engineers of tomorrow a boost, to show what students are capable of as a team and to raise awareness of their innovative projects. For the KIVI Engineering Student Team Award, student teams are eligible that distinguish themselves in their project/work in four competences; innovative strength, economic value, technological level and social involvement. This Wednesday, March 16, during Engineer's Day, the team will officially receive their prize in the digital presence of Princess Beatrix and Prinsel Mabel. The prestigious Prince Friso Engineering Award will also be awarded.


Recently, reducing emissions of methane, an important greenhouse gas, has received a lot of attention. Cows make up an important share of these methane emissions. Some time ago it was discovered that mixing red seaweed into the feed of cows drastically reduces the production and emissions of methane gas. However, it is difficult to produce seaweed in large quantities. MSP-Maastricht, a team of 12 bachelor students from the Faculty of Science and Engineering of Maastricht University is working on a solution by means of synthetic biology. They do this by transferring the genetic instructions that this property gives to the seaweed into bacteria in order to develop a nutritional supplement that can realize the necessary economies of scale. This could be an important contribution to curbing global warming. The jury praised their innovation: "Methagone has the potential to have a major global impact".

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