SSC Director appointed

Pascal Breuls, who temporarily took over the directorship of the Student Services Centre (SSC) after the departure of Astrid Boeijen, has been appointed its director as of 1 November. Since 1 June, he has held this interim position in addition to his management duties at the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences (FHS). The procedure for finding his successor at FHS has already begun.

Pascal Breuls has already had a long career at Maastricht University. In 1997, he started as a lecturer in the economics faculty, where he later also worked as a study advisor. He then moved to FHS, where he was the first director of the Knowledge Engineering degree programme. Since 2008, he has been the faculty’s managing director.

In the recent interim period, Pascal Breuls has taken up his new responsibilities with great energy and diligence. The Executive Board firmly believes that he will continue the positive course of the SSC and wishes him every success.

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