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    Working from home will disadvantage cross-border workers unless rules are changed


    Unless the EU rules and tax treaties are amended, some cross-border workers will soon have to pay tax in two countries: in their country of residence for hours spent working from home, and in the country in which they work for hours spent in the office. Since COVID-19 has made working from home often no longer a choice, the Dutch, German and Belgian governments have exempted cross-border workers from the usual rules until the end of 2021. But no such arrangements have been made for 2022.

  • sexual violence

    UM signs Amnesty manifesto ‘Let's talk about Yes’


    On 3 November, Maastricht University (UM) signed Amnesty International's manifesto ‘Let's talk about Yes’. With this, UM will intensify its activities against sexual violence. In doing so, UM will explicitly seek out cooperation with parties that have their own expertise, responsibilities and mandate in this area, such as the Municipal Health Services (GGD)/Sexual Assault Center (CSG), the police and the municipality.

  • New technique used to treat arrhythmias


    The first patients were treated with a new technique for complex arrhythmias this week by the Hart+Vaat Centrum at Maastricht UMC+ (MUMC + news).

  • World diabetes day

    Prediabetes results in damage to small blood vessels


    Damage to small blood vessels in prediabetes (mumc+ news).

  • Nerve damage after chemotherapy underestimated


    Certain types of chemotherapy cause a greater degree of nerve damage than was previously thought (PhD conferral Tonneke Beijers).

  • Alternative for phlebotomy in haemochromatosis


    The selective withdrawal of red blood cells as a treatment for haemochromatosis (iron overload) is an effective and patient-friendly alternative to phlebotomy (bloodletting) (PhD conferral Eva Rombout).

  • ITEM’s Alexander Hoogenboom wins Ius Commune Prize


    Alexander Hoogenboom, scientific coordinator at ITEM, is the winner of the Ius Commune Prize of 2016. Alexander Hoogenboom won the 2016 Ius Commune Prize for his paper ‘In Search of a Rationale for the EU Citizenship Jurisprudence’. The prize was awarded at the 15th Ius Commune Conference on 24 November 2016.

  • Hormone therapy improves life expectancy


    Patients with metastatic breast cancer have a better life expectancy if they are treated with hormone therapy (MUMC+ news).

  • vitak

    Improved survival after kidney transplantation: revolutionary assay developed by VitaK


    VitaK Innovation develops new medical diagnostics device TransCare (Brightlands news).


    COACH approach works


    Long-term improvement for the majority of participating children with overweight or obesity (MUMC+ News).

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