Rob Bauer wins golden Pension Pro Award

Rob Bauer, Professor of Finance at Maastricht University, has won this year's golden Pension Pro Award. This "Exceptional Contribution to the Sector" professional award is given annually to a person who has made an exceptional contribution to the pension sector and/or the pension system, either in the past year or over a longer period of time ("oeuvre award"). This prize is awarded on the recommendation of the jury, after careful deliberation and unanimous decision.

The year's jury selected Rob Bauer as the winner on the following grounds: Rob Bauer, known for his research on pension and mutual funds, behavioral finance and socially responsible investing, has been at the forefront of ESG for many years. Consistent message, which he communicates well; approachable and scholarly: Rob Bauer makes a very valuable contribution to the industry with his research and prompts thought and discussion.

In his acceptance speech, Bauer expressed gratitude to those he works with, "I share this award with those who have worked with me on research projects on pension-related topics. And with those who have worked with me to teach students, professionals and board members about pensions and investment-related topics. Finally, I would like to thank the organizations I have worked with. This is an award for all of us!"


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