Response to reporting about Prof. De Ruiter

There have been various media reports over the last few days about the reprimand of Corine de Ruiter, professor of Forensic Psychology at Maastricht University, by the Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP).

The Executive Board of Maastricht University has complete confidence in the educational and research work of Prof. Corine de Ruiter at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience. Now that external complaints have been lodged against work performed by Prof. De Ruiter as a forensic psychologist outside her appointment at UM, the Executive Board has asked the faculty’s dean to appoint a ‘committee of wise people’ to further investigate the various aspects of this complex matter. One of the issues that it needs to address is how the treatment and assessment frameworks of forensic psychology and clinical psychology relate to one another, where possible bottlenecks can be found and how possible problems could be solved.

For more background information on this issue, please refer to the blog of UM’s Forensic Psychology department:

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