The effect of running on your taste and smell

REQUESTED: Venlopers participating in smell and taste survey after the Arrow Venloop 2024 and participation survey

Intense exercise such as running can have an effect on your sense of taste and smell. Intensive sports are also known to have an effect on various processes in the body, all to keep our bodies balanced. This can also have an effect on our appetite. In turn, our appetite is related to taste and smell sensitivity, which is what we are curious about in this study.

How does running affect your sense of smell and taste?

Do you always crave a specific food item after a long endurance run, or have you ever noticed that your sense of smell changes after a vigorous workout? We are curious what effect running has on the sense of smell and taste. That's why we invite you to participate in our research, where you will taste a number of things after your finish at the Arrow Venloop and three weeks after and we will test your sense of smell. In return we offer you a changing room and storage space for your things, less than 5 minutes from the finish in the former Council of Labor building, which is now part of Maastricht University and Brightlands, opposite the parking garage and Jongerenkerk.

When can you participate?

You can participate in this study if you:
* Run 10 of 21,1 kilometers during the Venloop;
* You are a recreational runner (i.e., not a professional (paid) runner;
* You are 18 years of age or older;
* You have a normal sense of taste and smell.

What does the examination look like?

After you cross the finish line of the Venloop elated and proud, you will join us for a taste and smell test. In the taste test, you will taste and evaluate different drinks. In the smell test you will judge a number of smells. These tests take a total of 15 minutes. In addition, we ask you to complete a short questionnaire.

Three weeks later (on the weekend of April 13 and 14) we will ask you to do another taste and smell test. These tests also take 15 minutes in total.

The test will take place at UM Venlo, the former Labor Council building in the heart of Venlo close to finish line of the Venloop.

Furthermore, we are looking for "Venlopers" to fill out our survey. We ask about dietary habits, use of painkillers and nutritional supplements.

Is there a compensation?

To thank you for your contribution, on the day of the Venloop you can change in our changing rooms and you can safely store your belongings. In addition, food and drinks will be available for you after the examination.

What if I no longer want to participate?

If during the tests you decide you no longer want to participate, you can stop at any time. There will be no consequences. You do not have to say why you are stopping.

Permission of the ethics committee

This research has been reviewed by the ethical review committee of Maastricht University in Maastricht. The ethics review committee has no objections to conducting this research.

What data is collected?

We collect your score for the taste and smell test. We also ask you about your age (in years), gender, and running experience and any use of medication and nutritional supplements. This data is anonymous. For the administration of the study we need your name and email address. At the end of the study, we delete this data.

We are required to keep the (anonymized) research data for 15 years.



The research team consists of Ilse van Lier (UM), Remco Havermans (UM) and Jos le Noble, internist-intensivist (UM, VieCuri MC).

Do you have further questions about this study? If so, please contact the research team at

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