Quick scan of Dutch coalition agreement: effects for border regions

The effects of certain laws and regulations, policies or enforcement on specific border regions are currently hardly made clear. It is also not in line with expectations that a specialist department at national level has detailed knowledge of all border regions.

'Brussels', for example, also lacks detailed knowledge per region of the expected (or already existing) positive and negative border effects of policy and legislation. But it is also unrealistic to expect the European Commission to be able to map detailed border effects for the entire EU - and very diverse border situations - within the framework of its own "impact assessment". The Committee of the Regions has established this more often.

The ITEM quick scan makes it possible to estimate the extent to which a subject requires a further assessment regarding possible border effects. ITEM applied the quick scan to policy intentions mentioned in the Dutch Coalition Agreement of 2017.

Download ITEM's Quick scan of the Dutch Coalition AgreementĀ 2017 below (in Dutch):

ITEM - Effecten voor grensregio's - Quick Scan Regeerakkoord 2017

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