• ITEM Cross-Border Research

    ITEM comments on proposal Posted Workers Directive


    Posting of workers has become a common phenomenon in the EU. Since the mid-1990’s it is regulated by the Directive on posting of workers (96/71/EC). The directive aims at striking a balance between the freedom to provide services on the one hand and the protection of workers, the persons who actually carry out the services for their employer, on the other hand. 

  • How effective is rewarding people who quit smoking?


    Maastricht University is launching a study on quitting smoking in the workplace.

  • Department of Biobased Materials

    NWO subsidy for collaboration between SABIC and Maastricht University


    NWO has announced that in the context of the ‘Fonds Nieuwe Chemische Innovaties’ (NCI), they have granted a subsidy for the collaboration between Maastricht University and SABIC for the research on polymer membranes on the basis of renewable copolymers.

  • Department of Biobased Materials

    Biobased Materials Research group and AMIBM show rapid growth


    Since the Biobased Materials Research group started on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in 2013 the growth of the group has been astounding.

  • Obesity increases risk of pneumonia


    Obese people run a higher risk of developing pneumonia, according to a PhD study conducted by Niki Ubags of Maastricht UMC+.

  • Brussels attacks, please report to SSC in case of problems


    Students or staff members here in Maastricht or in Brussels who experience any problems (logistical or otherwise) in connection with, or in the wake of, the attacks in Brussels can report to the Student Deans of Maastricht University. 

  • Attacks Brussels


    The Executive Board of Maastricht University is deeply shocked by the attacks in Brussels. Hard on the heels of the tragic events in Paris, the heart of the European community has now become the target of horrific terror. On behalf of the entire academic community, our thoughts are with the victims and their families and friends. 

  • Decision Supreme Court 30% tax rule


    On March 4 the Supreme Court has decided that the 150-km radius criterion is in accordance with EU law, and is not discriminatory or an impediment of the free movement of workers.

  • Paul Smeets “Finance in motion”


    A quartet of Finance in Motion staff members have introduced the basics of impact investing to students at a Dutch university, and they responded with pitches for a wide range of funds.

  • Tumour immunologist Carl Figdor appointed TEFAF Oncology Chair


    On the 17th of March Professor Carl Figdor accepted the TEFAF Oncology Chair, a special professorship for scientists with an exceptional reputation in the field of cancer research. 

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