• METRO introduced the extra-curricular course 'Introduction to Chinese Law' to the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University. The course is almost exclusively taught by Chinese (current and former) PhD researchers affiliated with the Faculty of Law and/or METRO. It will run from October until December...

  • As of September 1st, Prof.Dr. Desirée Joosten-ten Brinke has joined the School of Health Professions Education as Professor of Learning and Assessment. In this video, she explains more about her background and topics she will be working on.

  • Over the past year, 19 researchers have worked hard to put together the first FASoS anthology of creative nonfiction. It features work from all four faculty research groups and all five departments.

  • Caroline Bouvier wanted to be an illustrator, but ended up in chemistry. She managed to combine both of her passions in her research - creating molecular fingerprints of some of the world’s most valued paintings, including old master art from 15th to 17th centuries. As of October, Caroline is one of...

  • Job van den Hurk

    “We are all brain”

    Job van den Hurk is a neuroscientist and scientific director at ultra-high field MRI center Scannexus at the Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus. However, he is best known as the host of the TV show Brainstorm on ZAPP. “Critical thinking should be a subject taught in elementary school.”

  • International research collaboration aims to personalise prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

  • On October 25, the international research consortium iCARE4CVD was established. The consortium aims to gain more insight into cardiovascular diseases and future ways to prevent and cure them.

  • A group of ten hospitals, clinics and partners will conduct research into sustainable surgery at the initiative of Maastricht UMC. CAREFREE is a collaborative research project in mission-driven innovation on sustainable surgery.

  • Interview with Daisy Jonkers in UM magazine. Daisy Jonkers, scientific director of the NUTRIM research institute, is calling for more inclusivity and diversity in scientific research.

  • AV&S2211

    AV&S symposium 2023

    Op 22 november a.s. vindt een AV&S symposium plaats over de invloed van verzekering op compensatie van schade. De verzekerbaarheid in Nederland is de afgelopen decennia toegenomen. Toch zijn er nog vragen over de grenzen van verzekerbaarheid en onder meer of de schade als gevolg van (natuur)rampen...