• Bastiaan Kemp featured in ‘Tijdschrift voor Jaarrekeningenrecht’


    PhD-Fellow mr. Bastiaan Kemp was recently featured in ‘Tijdschrift voor Jaarrekeningenrecht’. His article focuses on  how a Dutch private limited company (BV) should anticipate on future profits  and how to disclose these profits in the annual account.

  • ICGI contributes to 19th Ius Commune Congress in Edinburgh


    The 27th and 28th of November, the Ius Commune Research School organises its 19th Ius Commune Congress which will be hosted in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh.
    Ius Commune facilitates research activities conducted by its 230 researchers and another 130 doctoral students. The annual Ius Commune Congress consists of several plenary sessions and also multiple workshops.

  • New article by Bastiaan Kemp and Samantha Renssen published in TvOB. (Only available in Dutch)


    Recently ICGI PhD-fellows mr. Bastiaan Kemp and mr. Samantha Renssen wrote about a parent company liquidator's authority to order the subsidiary company to request its own liquidation. Kemp and Renssen analyse a recent case judicated by the Court of Appeal in Arnhem that has raised a number of legal questions.

  • Rogier Wolf annotates Dutch Supreme and High Courts’ rulings


    Recently ICGI Research fellow mr. dr. Rogier Wolf’s annotations to two rulings have been published in the journal ‘Jurisprudentie in Nederland’. One is a ruling of the Dutch Supreme Court and one a ruling of Amsterdam’s High Court.

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