Prof. Johan Vlaeyen receives prestigious Methusalem grant

Johan Vlaeyen, professor of Behavioural Medicine at KU Leuven and Maastricht University has been granted the prestigious Methusalem grant. The Flemish government will subsidise his research with 400.000 euro each year for 7 years. The Methusalem grant is the highest level of research financing offered in Flanders. Prof. Vlaeyen will receive the grant for his research into the psychology of (chronic) pain.

The FWO Methusalem-programme is intended to structurally finance Flemish researchers, which enables them to build a long-term research strategy and work on their research without having to apply for new financing. An international panel of experts judges the research projects on international excellence. At the end of the 7 years, the project will be thoroughly evaluated, after which the financing can be prolonged by another 7 years.

Johan Vlaeyen is professor of Behavioural Medicine at UM's department of Clincial Psychological Sciences and at the research group Health Psychology at KU Leuven. He graduated cum laude in Clinical Psychology from the University of Brussels and obtained his PhD from Maastricht University in 1991 for his research into the psychological aspects of chronic pain. In 2007 Prof. Vlaeyen received an honorary doctorate from Örebro University (Sweden).

His research focuses on the different aspects of Behavioural Medicine with special attention to the cognitive and behavioural aspects of chronic pain and it’s treatment.

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