22 February 2018

Peter Møllgaard appointed new Dean of UM School of Business and Economics

Peter Møllgaard (Denmark, 1964), Professor of Industrial Organization at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), has been appointed as the new dean of the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE). He will start on April 1 for a first period of five years. Prof. dr. Peter Møllgaard succeeds prof. dr. Franz Palm who has been acting Dean of SBE since September 2017.

Møllgaard started in 1996 at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), where he held various positions and became Dean of Research in 2015. In this position he has been responsible for the development of research within the wider economic, social and human sciences. He also has experience with connecting to other areas in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. According to Møllgaard, integration of these disciplines and applying them to management and business “made CBS distinct and broader than the archetypical American business schools that typically focus on classic disciplines.” 

Møllgaard is looking forward to the new challenge as Dean of SBE: “SBE has established itself as an innovative and fast-growing knowledge institution in the centre of Europe, specializing in understanding and impacting the interaction between firms, markets and society, be it through Problem-Based Learning of analysts and business leaders, through its comprehensive, interdisciplinary research of international renown, or through its outreach activities”.