• matthijs, dewa en daan

    “The desire to help is enormous"


    It’s a bright spot in these dark times. Hundreds of Maastricht University medical students, from first-year students to residents, are springing into action at Maastricht UMC+.

  • Andre Dekker

    Improving healthcare with big data


    Andre Dekker is a clinical physicist and professor of Clinical Data Science at Maastricht University, Maastricht UMC+ and the MAASTRO Clinic. Since 2010 he has led a research group. He has over 150 publications to his name and has supervised more than 25 PhD candidates.

  • promotie sanne

    One-of-a-kind PhD defence


    Last Friday, the final PhD defence for the foreseeable future was held in the Minderbroedersberg. Sanne Schreurs obtained her PhD cum laude for her research on the selection of students for the Medicine programme in Maastricht.

  • Jochen Cals

    Report from the front lines by professor-general practitioner Jochen Cals


    Professor of General Practice Medicine Jochen Cals is also a practicing general practitioner in Sittard, a city that is suffering from a relatively high number of coronavirus infections. What is his experience during these unique times?

  • bollen en mook

    Organ donation after euthanasia still rare


    Due to an acute shortage of organ donors, hundreds of people die each year in the Netherlands and Belgium alone. One large group of potential donors may not even be aware that they can donate their organs: people who opt for euthanasia. For his PhD research, Jan Bollen studied the issue of organ donation following euthanasia.

  • promotie data science
  • NWO Rubicon grant for Dr. Sami Mohammed


    Research awarded funding by NWO Rubicon for UM Researcher Dr. S.G. (Sami) Mohammed (FHML/MERLN)

  • Veerle Klokhuis
  • kleinjans

    BReIN to tackle Alzheimer’s using big data


    Earlier this year Jos Kleinjans, professor of Environmental Health Sciences at Maastricht University (UM), received the final word on a multi-year, multi-million-euro contribution to his brainchild, the Brightlands e-Infrastructure for Neurohealth (BReIN for short). This research institute will open up new horizons in the application of big data in healthcare. 

  • Gut thoughts and feelings


    Can she explain the second brain to children? For her discovery of the involvement of the Enteric Nervous System (ENS) in colorectal cancer, Veerle Melotte has been nominated for the Klokhuis Wetenschapsprijs. That might give her the chance to share her research – and possibly get a foot in the door of children’s entertainment.

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