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    Appointment of Kasper Dziurdź as Professor of International Tax Law


    As of 1 September 2022, Dr. Kasper Dziurdź will succeed Prof. Rainer Prokisch who will retire in October 2022. Kasper currently works as a Senior Tax Manager at KPMG and he also teaches in the field of Tax Law at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna).

  • Law_finals ICCC 2022

    Faculty of Law UM runner-up in international finals ICCC 2022


    The international finals of the International Client Consultation Competition took place from April 19 through 23. Host was Swansea University in Cardiff, Wales. Unfortunately, the competition was completely online. However, the Dutch team, consisting of first year (!!!) European Law School students Dylan Andrian and Vinca Poerawinata (see picture), did extremely well.

  • Maarten Stremler

    Withholding EU subsidies is no panacea for Hungarian rule of law


    Earlier this month, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced in the European Parliament that the Commission will launch a procedure to withhold EU subsidies to Hungary for violating the rule of law.

  • goldberg

    Blaming the Addicted Brain


    PhD thesis written by Anna Goldberg.
    In this thesis, an overview of the different ways of conceptualising addiction is provided, before applying this knowledge onto both the legal framework of Dutch criminal law, and to more universal legal concepts. 

  • Helping highly educated refugees find work is a win-win situation


    A screaming labour shortage or not, a job is often not an option for highly qualified status holders. In 2020, for example, only 16 percent of the highly educated Syrian refugees had a job (compared to 81 percent of the highly educated Dutch).

  • New brochure provides guidance for self-employment across the border


    Cross-border business in the Euregio Maas-Rhine (EMR), i.e. business in the border area between Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, offers many opportunities. But what are the general requirements for starting up a business in the different countries? And what do I need to pay attention to as an entrepreneur? These types of questions and more are covered in the new brochure "Crossing borders as a self-employed professional between Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany".

  • Recent developments in competition law and policy in China and the EU


    In this online seminar on recent developments in competition law and policy, speakers from China and the EU will present their ongoing or recently published research. It will take place on 7-8 April 2022.

  • yekini

    La Mise En Oeuvre Du Droit Applicable Aux Changements Climatiques: Le Cas Du Benin


    PhD thesis written by Amidou Yekini. This study on the law of climate change – illustrated by the case of Benin, a developing country exposed to the harmful effects of climate change – aims to highlight the effectiveness of climate law in this country. 

  • Annual Report 2021


    This Annual Report highlights the main activities of the Centre that were undertaken in the year 2021. 

  • boost

    Legitimate by nature?


    PhD thesis written by Claire Boost.
    This research aims to examine the measures taken by the ICTR to promote its legitimacy. Legitimacy examines the factors that incentivise a community or society to consent to the legitimacy of an individual, group or institution. 

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