• The Executive Board has appointed Anita Jansen as the new dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, effective as of 1 June 2016 for a period of four years. 

  • On March 15 2016, the FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship were formally published in the Nature Publishing Group journal Scientific Data.

  • On 16 March 2016 ITEM and CBS have signed a covenant to strengthen the mutual cooperation between them.

  • Michelle Moerel from MaCSBio has been on the most famous educational tv-show for kids in The Netherlands ( Het Klokhuis ) to explain how the human brain works.

  • Our European Law Moot Court team won the regional finals in Fribourg (CH) and is heading to Luxemburg to plead in front of the CJEU in April ! Congratulations to Eve Meurgey, Kati Wende, Lucile Fleuret, Jolien Timmermans as well as their coach Pauline Melin.

  • The French institute that is involved with  border issues in France and its border regions, Mission Opérationelle Transfrontalière / MOT, will pay a visit to ITEM on 16 March.

  • Last Saturday, 12 March, almost 2,100 high school students – many accompanied by their parents – attended the Bachelor's Open Day at Maastricht University.


    On 9 March MCEL member, Professor Lisa Waddington, gave a keynote lecture at the conference Disability Policies and the impact of UNCRPD in the Nordic Region,  organised by the Nordic centre for Welfare and Social Issues  in Helsinki. 

  • PhD-candidate Shauna O’Donovan has won a prize for best poster at the byteMAL Conference held on March 9th in Maastricht. Her poster subject was on improving the muscle insulin sensitivity index using the oral glucose minimal model.

  • Theo de Kok will give his Inaugural Lecture, entitled “Genes in Concert: a Toxicogenomics Hymn towards disease prevention” on Friday 22 April 2016. The lecture will take place at the University Auditorium - MBB. Time: 16:30