• Why you gain weight after dieting


    Why you gain weight after dieting? Edwin Mariman is a professor at Maastricht University (MaCSBio) and conducted research on the yo-yo effect.

  • Mark Winands

    Machines that can improvise


    Computers are already capable of making independent decisions in familiar situations. But can they also apply knowledge to new facts? Mark Winands, the new professor of Machine Reasoning at the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences, develops computer programs that behave as rational agents.

  • Nikola Prianikov

    From Ukraine to the international classroom


    When the war broke out in my home country of Ukraine, I realized that this place - this friendly city in the south of Netherlands is quite possibly my new home now for the extended future.

  • Sciences on the Chemelot site


    At industrial complex Chemelot in Geleen, education, knowledge institutions, business and industry meet.

  • Sponsorship

    Sponsorship of iGEM MSP-Maastricht


    SHE sponsors the innovative Maastricht student-team iGEM MSP-Maastricht to tackle the problem of the availability of freshwater worldwide.

  • A grocers' bag full of vegetables

    Maastricht researchers develop testing device for fruit and vegetables


    Maastricht researchers develop testing device for fruit and vegetables

  • Center for Healthy Eating and Food Innovation

    Solving world issues through food


    "In ten years more than a thousand students here will be working on social issues around agriculture, sustainability and nutrition," predicts Dean Thomas Cleij of Maastricht's Faculty of Science and Engineering.

  • 'Gut is our second brain'


    Our intestines are oh so important, but in science they get the short end of the stick. Microbiologist Koen Venema is doing research with artificial intestines. "They are the key to your health."

  • Neanderthal lives on in modern humans


    Brand-new Nobel Prize winner Svante Pääbo managed to bring ancient DNA to life and unravel it. UM professor of palaeo-ecology José Joordens explains how special and valuable this is. 

  • Sheepdog and ram confrontation

    These tips can help you minimize their carbon pawprints


    Did you know that even our four-legged friends have a climate impact? Professor Pim Martens states: It’s the products we buy for them that need a closer look. How can you minimize the carbon pawprint?

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