• EU privacy regulation

    Data protection in the 21st century


    At the 25th of May the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect. Applicable to the entire EU, its aim is to protect the individual rights of citizens while guaranteeing free and secure movement of personal data within the EU. Cosimo Monda, head of the European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity at the UM Faculty of Law, explains the consequences. “Companies and public bodies alike can benefit – if they come prepared.”

  • YUFE alliance as part of European Universities initiative

    UM leads Young Universities for the Future of Europe alliance


    Universiteit Maastricht and six other young European universities have agreed on a proposal to form an alliance as part of the European University initiative, first outlined by French President Emmanuele Macron in 2017.

  • victoria en de koks

    Why there’s a mini-Victoria living in Tanzania


    During her medical internship in Shirati, Tanzania, Victoria von Salmuth found out that a lot of patients, suffered from malnutrition. That's when she started the Shirati Food Programme

  • kindertekening

    Story-Based Learning in Colombia


    Marten de Vries, emeritus professor of Social Psychiatry and Public Mental Health and Klasien Horstman, professor of Philosophy of Public Health have joined forces to seek out tales of reconciliation in Colombia.

  • Maastricht University is a linchpin in national microscopy research


    The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) is allocating more than 17 million euros in subsidies for the further development of a Dutch network for electron microscopy (NEMI). Almost 5 million of this will go to UM. From Maastricht, the M4I institute of university professors Ron Heeren (mass spectrometry) and Peter Peters (cryo-electron microscopy) is one of the initiators of NEMI.

  • bear doctors

    Sick toys treated by bear doctors


    For the 18th time, the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA) organised the Teddy Bear Hospital in Maastricht.

  • Maxime Heyndrikx

    Maxime got an offer from Medtronic


    How do you prepare for life after university, or ‘working life’? Among other things, by participating in workshops at companies in the region through UM’s Master Yourself programme. Maxime Heyndrickx (master's student in Public Policy & Human Development) shares his story.

  • koken voor thuislozen

    Cooking for the homeless


    UM-studenten Carlotta, Emma, Julia en Alice cook for the addicted residents of the Domus houses managed by the Salvation Army.  

  • emerging markets

    New Master in Emerging Markets strengthens UM’s expertise


    Emerging Markets is the latest specialisation in the bachelor’s programmes in International Business and Economics & Business Economics at Maastricht University. New as it may be, it is already popular. It has even spurred on the development of a follow-up programme to be launched next autumn: the Master in Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets.

  • Paolo Rodrigues

    Will bitcoin transform our world?


    The Netherlands’ annual Week van het Geld (Week of Money) is inspired by the very worthy (and very Dutch) conviction that it’s never too soon to teach children about money.  But what new financial lessons do the rest of us – undergraduates, academics, citizens, politicians - need to learn? Long before today’s school kids become adults, could the innovations of fintech and distributed-ledger blockchain transform our world for the better?

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