• educatieve minor

    Teaching training at UM


    Since 2018, third-year bachelor’s students have been able to obtain their teaching qualification through Maastricht University’s Education Minor. A comparable programme—the Education Module—is now open to bachelor’s and master’s graduates.

  • New research maps out how parks, lakes, trees and other urban green spaces boost physical activity and overall human wellbeing in cities. (Image by Jacob Lund)

    UM Researchers help map how people in cities get a health boost from nature


    Trees lining a street may encourage people to take a longer stroll or choose to bike to work. New research shows how access to natural areas in cities can improve human health by supporting physical activity. The researchers plan to equip city planners with tools to create healthier, more sustainable cities around the world.

  • Garschagen

    EU: dense material of fundamental importance


    If it were up to Melle Garschagen, every day would be ‘Europe Day’. “The role of a journalist is to follow the EU critically and comprehensively,” says the UM alum and deputy editor of NRC. He recently returned to the Netherlands after almost five years as a correspondent in England, mainly covering Brexit.

  • Heeren en Van Rooij

    From instrumentation physicist to socially engaged scientist


    Gerard van Rooij, professor of Plasma Chemistry, was the first PhD candidate of Ron Heeren, university professor and director of the M4I institute. Together they reflect on a pioneering period in which they took the first tentative steps in the development of imaging mass spectrometry.

  • bisci
  • cybersecurtiy
  • horselenberg

    How do you solve a murder?


    Robert Horselenberg has been in charge of the Maastricht cold-case team since its creation about 10 years ago. Ten students, mostly from the master’s degree in Forensics, Criminology and Law, are given six months to study an existing cold case and come up with recommendations for the Public Prosecution Service and the cold-case team of the Limburg Police.

  • trudie schils

    Good education through the Educational Agenda Limburg


    In 2014 Trudie Schils, professor of Economics of Education, was one of the driving forces behind the start of the Educational Agenda Limburg. The agenda is a long-term project seeking to improve education in the province and the connection to the labour market. The first concrete results have since been unveiled, including a monitor to track pupils’ and students’ development.

  • Zakia Dimassi on her balcony in Beirut

    ‘A few’ (or rather, many) good people in Lebanon


    After earning her master’s degree at the UM School of Health Professions Education (SHE), Zakia Dimassi is now back in Beirut, Lebanon, where she is an assistant professor at Saint George Hospital University Medical Center. There, she hopes to put her knowledge to good use, contributing to better healthcare and education.

  • gijs goossens

    Obesity and COVID-19: a dangerous duo


    People with obesity are more likely to contract a severe case of COVID-19, and more likely to die from it. Gijs Goossens, associate professor of Human Biology, is studying whether drugs that lower blood pressure can reduce the risks.

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