• duurzaamheidsfonds

    How Private Shareholder Engagements on Material ESG Issues Affect Companies


    Investors are increasingly engaging with companies about their impact on the environment and society. This seems to be bearing fruit, as shown by a study conducted by Maastricht University.

  • Children from poorer families live shorter and less healthy (and the Dutch government is not adressing this well)


    Stress over high energy and grocery costs has a direct effect on the health of people who already have little to spend, warns Professor Gera Nagelhout. According to her, the government can do more to remedy that problem. This is important, because children from underprivileged families in our country live on average fifteen years shorter in good health. 

  • Hanneke van der Tas

    From law to film


    In 1999, Hanneke van der Tas was one of the first students to graduate from UM’s brand new European Law School. She went on to earn a postgraduate degree from Harvard Law School. She passed both the New York Bar and the Paris Bar, seemingly destined for a career as a lawyer or judge. Then her life took a very different turn.

  • A transnational eye-opener on Hungary


    A Global History of Hungary, 1869-2022 is a comprehensive book that presents the country as an open society interacting with other nations, mainly within Europe.

  • groen

    Sustainability courses are booming


    Sustainability has become a business model. Not only for companies struggling for new markets, more reliable supply chains and a good reputation with their customers. Training centers for managers have also discovered the opportunities of change for themselves.

  • Students in Maastricht

    Is UM becoming too big for Maastricht?


    Regional newspaper De Limburger discusses the importance of the university for the city and the consequences for the city and region if the university grows in size in the coming years. 

  • //

    Beware of pitfalls in Recognition and Rewards in Science Communication


    Beware of pitfalls in Recognition and Rewards in Science Communication

  • Paulo_Rodrigues

    Should you play roulette or buy stocks?


    Let's say you want to make some money: will you go to the casino or buy stocks?

  • ruben knehans

    Mad or bad: can we tackle aggression with brain stimulation?


    It could come straight out of Stanley Kubrick’s dystopian movie A Clockwork Orange: using direct brain stimulation to reduce aggressive behaviour. For PhD student Ruben Knehans, it’s his daily business. Aside from the medical complexity, it raises all sorts of questions. Is it ethical, for example, to modify someone's behaviour? Can you justify imposing brain stimulation on convicts under criminal law? How to set rules and standards? Ruben tries to answer these questions in his PhD research at UM’s Faculty of Law.

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