Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering new name for DKE

New name for DKE

With retroactive force, as per 1 September 2015, the Department of Knowledge Engineering is renamed to “Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering.” The abbreviation DKE will remain the same.

DKE was founded in 1992 and is part of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences.  Recently the board decided to add “Data Science” to its name. It reflects more accurately what the department covers in teaching and research, so this name change is a logical evolutionary step.

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Weiss, chair of DKE explains: “We have always dealt with various aspects of data science; this was done under the label of knowledge engineering. Now that the term data science has become more commonly known and widely used, it makes sense that the departmental focus on data science is also captured in our name.”

 “The importance of data science will continue to grow fast in the upcoming decade”, says Weiss, “data scientists already are and most certainly will be among the most wanted experts in the future. We would like everyone to know that DKE is an excellent place to educate these future experts at both bachelor and master level.”

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