The new masters programme Health and Digital Transformation starts in September 2023

Data-driven science and digital technology can improve the organisation of healthcare. Think of innovation in the field of e-health, artificial intelligence, and robotics. As of September 2023, the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences offers a new master’s programme that provides students with the skills to develop an implementation strategy for these digital innovations in the healthcare setting.

health and digital transformation

Programme coordinators Marieke Spreeuwenberg and Cheryl Roumen are proud to announce that the master’s programme Health and Digital Transformation has received positive accreditation from the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands. Students can now officially apply for this programme via Studielink.

Marieke and Cheryl both agree there is a growing need for professionals in the field of digital transformation. "Most healthcare organisations already focus on innovating and for good reason – it leads to improved quality of care and cost reduction. However, its impact often falls short due to developers neglecting the needs of end-users: patients and healthcare professionals.”  As Nicole van Eldik of the Innovation Center of MUMC+ states: “graduates of the master Health and Digital Transformation could play a crucial role in the digital transition.”

The master's programme Health and Digital Transformation aims to implement digital applications in healthcare by bridging the gap between technology and healthcare. “This requires a comprehensive understanding of technology, as well as knowledge of ethical, organisational, and legal aspects. Equally important is a link with patients and the people who work in healthcare. By combining all these facets, Health and Digital Transformation ensures a holistic approach to innovation" Marieke and Cheryl explain.

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