NACADA appoints Oscar van den Wijngaard as chair of Global Initiatives Committee

NACADA, a global community for academic advising, has appointed Oscar van den Wijngaard – a lecturer and Academic Advising coordinator at University College Maastricht – as the new chair of the Global Initiatives Committee. Van den Wijngaard has been appointed for a period of two years, starting at the annual NACADA conference in Atlanta in October 2016 until October 2018.


NACADA started in 1979 as a non-profit organisation to improve the quality and development of academic study advice with the aim of enhancing the educational development of students. NACADA has since grown into a network of 13,000 members consisting of academic staff, academic advisers, consultants and other officials committed to fostering the personal and intellectual development of students.

The Global Initiatives Committee is engaged in developing a vision and concrete strategies for improving international collaboration between individual academic advisers and academic support organisations and determining the role NACADA can play herein. An example is the international conferences on academic advising that NACADA organises, the first of which was held in Maastricht in 2013.

Oscar van den Wijngaard

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