Master's Open Day: relaxed, positive and informative

1390 prospective master's students visited Maastricht University on Saturday to experience the atmosphere and find out more about its study programmes and problem-based learning method. The day passed off smoothly; people were “in a good mood”, in the words of the organisers. Most participants were also satisfied; they gave the day a high approval rating.

"The atmosphere was nice and relaxed, so very positive all in all," is how one of the coordinators, Michiel Piefer, summed up the day. "Attendance was high, especially in the morning. Many participants had brought their parents. More than usual." Another striking observation: most people were in a particularly cheerful mood. That may have been due to the mild spring weather, with occasional sunshine and mostly dry spells. The visitors were not affected by the crowds pouring into the city for the major art fair Tefaf, which had entered its final days.

Many visitors could be found at the former roll call location and in the pavilions of the Tapijnkazerne, and across the River Meuse, at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. The information markets were particularly popular. "There, our students and staff were on hand to help visitors with their study choices. Many people stopped at the booths for a while, making them nice and busy throughout the day."

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Photos: Nils Backes

Studying, living and working in Maastricht

At all six faculties, students took part in workshops, presentations and in-depth sessions on individual programmes. Many took the opportunity to meet current master's students and learn more about their experience studying and living in Maastricht.

UM staff provided information on admission and registration as well as career advice. As always, there were drinks and snacks to end the day in an informal setting.

Online presentations

For those who could not make it to Maastricht on the day, there was the option of joining online presentations and information sessions. As many as 1074 people registered. There were hybrid presentations, too, at Tapijnkazerne, with the opportunity to ask questions. As with previous editions, there was a lot of interest in the online presentations as well, according to the organisers.

Still, nothing beats physical attendance, says Michiel Piefer. "The direct experience of the atmosphere, the personal contact, all the unique impressions. No brochure, photo or website can beat that.


Feedback was largely positive, both the information sessions and informal discussions with students and staff were highly appreciated. On average, people gave the sessions an 8.6.

Almost 300 visitors took the time to fill out a short evaluation. One of them wrote, “I think the session was very well structured and gave a nice overview about the study programme. I also really liked the combination of a student and a teacher presenting together and responding to questions, that helped a lot!”


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