Maastricht University to support medical education in Ethiopia

Maastricht University plans to support a large-scale project to improve medical education in Ethiopia. EP-NUFFIC/NICHE, an organisation that promotes international collaboration in the field of higher education, has earmarked half a million euros for this project. Zuyd Hogeschool in Heerlen, Johns Hopkins University in the United States and some of our African Higher Education partner institutions are also involved in this project.

Maastricht University is contributing by implementing problem-based learning (PBL) at two select medical universities in Ethiopia and offering organisational and academic support. A group of enthusiastic FHML employees will join the project as consultants. The knowledge these two universities will acquire about PBL will then be shared with other Ethiopian universities.

An Ethiopian delegation consisting of employees from the Federal Ministry of Health and several doctors/administrators from the two universities will come to Maastricht from 17 to 27 April to learn more about problem-based learning at UM.

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