Jan-Tjitte Meindersma appointed as vice-president Maastricht University

The Supervisory Board of Maastricht University (UM) has appointed Jan-Tjitte Meindersma as vice-president and member of UM’s Executive Board. In July 2024, he will succeed Nick Bos, who will retire at that time.

Jan-Tjitte Meindersma has more than 25 years of experience in business, for the most part in management and board positions that focus on business operations and transformations. His former positions include Chief Transformation Officer at retailer C&A, Director Restructuring at corporate service provider Alvarez & Marsal and Financial Director at Air France-KLM.

Born and raised in the hills of Southern Limburg (‘Heuvelland’), Jan-Tjitte completed his medical studies at Maastricht University in 1997. Since then, he has honed his skills in various areas of business operations and management. With Jan-Tjitte Meindersma, UM welcomes a board member rooted in Limburg and with a UM background.

Annelies van der Pauw, chair of the UM Supervisory Board: “With Jan-Tjitte, we have found a fitting successor to Nick Bos. We welcome a seasoned director with relevant expertise and experience. Being a resident of Maastricht, he is familiar with the goings on in the city and the region.”

Members of the Executive Board (EB), President Rianne Letschert and Rector Magnificus Pamela Habibovic, are looking forward to working together with their new EB-colleague. This also applies to Jan-Tjitte Meindersma himself: “I look forward to working together with all UM-colleagues in order to further fortify the university’s basis. I also want to contribute – together with all parties involved – to the UM’s growing societal significance. UM is an important driving force for innovation and consequently for economic progress and excellent healthcare in the (Eu)region and province. Current vice-president Nick Bos has made significant contributions to this endeavour. Being able to contribute to my region and ‘alma mater’ in this capacity is not only motivating and challenging, but also a privilege.”

To ensure a seamless transition, Jan-Tjitte’s employment at UM will start on 1 May. He will formally assume the role of vice-president and Executive Board member on 11 July.

Jan-Tjitte Meindersma’s appointment has been prepared by a broad-based advisory committee, in which the Supervisory Board, the Executive Board, the Board of Deans and the (Confidential Committee of the University Council) were represented.

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