9 August 2018

Get your student time off to a good start with the INKOM

When he participated in the INKOM himself, he had no idea what kind of organisation is behind this event. With great pleasure, Mauk van Bergen is president of the Workgroup INKOM (WGI) this year, leading the five students who organise this professional event. There are only a few more tickets available, so make sure you are there! “When you take part in the INKOM, you don’t have to wonder what your new life as a student will be like. The city and all of the student associations present themselves to you and there’s something for everyone.”

What you might not know:

  • In the past two years, the INKOM was sold out.
  • About two hundred volunteers, mostly current students, help out.
  • Half of the participants come from abroad.
  • More than 70% of UM's incoming students take part in the INKOM.
  • Groups are created with a mixed composition, but personal preferences are also taken into account.


By: Femke Kools