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The Netherlands does not yet have a new government. For universities, a lot of uncertainty remains, though it is clear that some things are set to change. Politicians want nationwide rules to limit the number of international students. To this end, they are calling on universities to draw up their own plans. A motion was adopted this week requiring universities to draft, within eight weeks, a plan containing concrete measures “to significantly reduce the share of English-taught programmes, taking into account the labour market, student housing and the region.”

The latter clause is important for Maastricht University. In our region, with its highly international but also ageing population, the need for an international university is indisputable. At the same time, the motion requires us to show that we are pursuing the right balance in internationalisation and the language of instruction. So there is work to be done.

We can imagine you may have questions and concerns. We would be happy to discuss the current demands from The Hague, as well as our own efforts regarding internationalisation and the language of instruction. Join us during the next Ask Me Anything (AMA) session to find out the latest developments and get answers to your questions.

All UM employees are welcome to participate in this interactive Q&A session. The session will take place via Zoom on Tuesday 6 February from 14:00 to 15:00. The theme is ‘Internationalisation and language at UM: what lies ahead?’ UM president Rianne Letschert, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Christine Neuhold and Dean of Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience Harald Merckelbach will be present to offer updates and answer questions.

During the session, you can submit your questions through Wooclap. These will be answered live, facilitated by a moderator. You can also submit your questions, ideas and suggestions in advance.

Click on the Zoom link to participate in the AMA session. Please remember to turn off your VPN or VDI connection first to prevent network overload.

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