FASoS researcher Mariëlle Wijermars publishes book on freedom of expression in Russia

Mariëlle Wijermars has published an edited volume entitled ‘Freedom of Expression in Russia’s New Mediasphere‘ (Routledge) co-edited with Katja Lehtisaari (University of Helsinki).

Drawing on a wide range of disciplines, the book examines the current state of the freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and media freedom in Russia, focusing on online media.
Comprising twelve chapters, the volume assesses how the conditions for free speech are influenced by the dynamic development of Russian media, including the expansion of digital technologies, explores the interaction and transfer of practices, formats, stylistics and aesthetics between independent and state-owned media, and discusses how far traditional media co-opt strategies developed by and associated with independent media to mask their lack of free expression. Overall, the book provides a deep and rich understanding of the changing structures and practices of national and transnational Russian media and how they condition the boundaries of freedom of expression in Russia today.

The book will be festively launched in Helsinki on 16 December.