13 April 2022
LINK programme by Province of Limburg, UM and MUMC+ to continue

Extra research groups to strengthen top institutes MERLN and M4i

The multimillion-euro investment in the LINK programme by the Province of Limburg, Maastricht University (UM) and Maastricht UMC+ (MUMC+) has achieved its targets. LINK has brought about two top scientific institutes in the fields of regenerative medicine and molecular imaging: MERLN and M4i. The institutes have generated employment, produced spin-offs and patents, and more than doubled their funding, thanks to additional external funds and public-private partnerships. During a wrap-up meeting on 12 April, the people and organisations involved put the goals and results side by side. The LINK programme is to have a sequel: UM and MUMC+ will be investing eight million euros in MERLN and M4i in the coming years to give an extra boost to regenerative medicine and imaging.