30 August 2017

Dr Marjon Weerepas appointed to endowed chair of Taxation of Cross-Border Employment

Dr Marjon Weerepas has been appointed as professor occupying the new endowed chair of Taxation of Cross-Border Employment (0.2 FTE) with effect from 1 August.


Professor Weerepas will focus primarily on teaching law courses and conducting research on the impact of cross-border employment on taxation and social insurance contributions. Under the current system, taxes and social insurance contributions are each subject to entirely different sets of coordination rules in cross-border situations, which leads to problems in some cases.

Professor Weerepas will be examining the applicable regulations and ensuing problems in both areas of the law, alongside the question whether coordination between the two may be desirable and, if so, which solutions can be formulated.

The main courses that Professor Weerepas will be teaching are Key Topics in Salary and Income Tax (FL) and Salary and Income Tax Structures (SBE), both at the bachelor's level, and at the master's level Cross-Border Taxation of Human Capital. She will also be supervising PhD candidates in her area of research at ITEM.