31 August 2018

Day of your Career: a different job for one day!

The Day of your Career offers participants a great opportunity to get to know another organization or company in a low-threshold, fun and energetic way and to gain new ideas. But you can also share knowledge, network, gain more insight into a possible new step in your own career, or get a refreshing look at your own work and working environment at UM. Participation in this day is suitable for all levels and for all functions

This employee-for-a-day program is an initiative of Baanschakel, the cooperation between Schakel and Baandomein. Schakel en Baandomein are network organizations that provide access to a regional labor market pool of vacancies, work experience placements and long-term (cooperation) projects.

Everyone is of course free to fill in the role of hostess / host in their own way and thus provide the external guest with a special day. The guest's interest will go out to on the nature of the activities, the way of working, the employees, the environment, the atmosphere etc.

Would you like to give someone from a different organization the opportunity to visit us for a day on November 15? Or do you know a colleague who would like to do this? You can also participate as a joint team / department. The Staff Career Center of the UM acts as a point of contact for the Day of your Career. You can register via Marlou Tijssens, mail: marlou.tijssens[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl

For every place that we make available, a UM staff member can take a look for one day in another organization.

If you are interested in participating in the daily activities of an external workplace, please contact Marlou Tijssens, mail: marlou.tijssens[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl