Catharina Pijls prizes awarded at Maastricht Health symposium

On 8 October at the fifth annual Maastricht Symposium on Global and European Health, organised by Maastricht University, Dr Richard ten Broek was awarded the Catharina Pijls Dissertation Prize for his excellent health science research. Ten Broek obtained his doctoral degree in October 2014 at Radboudumc for research on the formation of adhesions after reoperations in abdominal surgery. The theme at this year’s Maastricht Symposium on Global Health was 'A healthy world by 2030: Will Sustainable Development Goals live up to the Promise?'.

Candidates for the Catharina Pijls Dissertation Prize are nominated by professors from all Dutch faculties of medicine and social sciences. The nominations are assessed on their multidisciplinary character, scholarly quality, level of innovation and societal relevance, as well as the candidate's contribution beyond the dissertation itself. The prize, worth 10,000 euros, is awarded every two years. 

'In addition to increasing insight into the medical causes and effects of adhesions, Richard ten Broek’s doctoral research revealed that more knowledge is needed among surgeons on adhesions and the use of anti-adhesion techniques. Ten Broek's research contributes to the awareness of adhesion-related problems among a broad audience of health care professionals, patients and health insurers', according to the nomination.

Encouragement Award

In addition to the Dissertation Prize, the Catharina Pijls Foundation presents an annual Encouragement Award (valued at 2,000 euros) to a recent graduate from the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. This year's Encouragement Award went to Ingrid Kremer (alumna from the Health Sciences Research Master) for her outstanding thesis 'Identification and prioritization of attributes of disease modifying drugs in decision making among patients with multiple sclerosis'.

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