Drs Mark Steins (M.M.H.M.G.)

Lecturer - PhD Candidate for the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain - SBE

My research interest currently focuses around service innovation, more specifically Service robots (The Impact of Service Robots on Customer Experience and Choice in High Contact Service Settings). 


Service robots might have several benefits for organizations (e.g (cost) efficiency, productivity), the introduction of these robots in the frontline represents a dramatic shift in the concept of service delivery, in which many aspects are still unknown.


Mainly teaching (coordination & tutoring) in the Strategic Marketing MSc. and Business Intelligence and Smart Services MSc. tracks.


Portfolio Bachelor Courses:

  • EBC 1002 Management of Organisation & Marketing
  • EBC 1017 Strategy
  • EBC 1029 Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management
  • EBC 2021 Global Business
  • EBC 2022 Management of Operations & Product Development
  • EBC 2045 Digital Supply Networks

Portfolio Master Courses:

  • EBC 4076 Relationship Management
  • EBC 4076 Service Management
  • EBC 4080 Marketing Research Methods
  • EBC 4081 Return on Marketing
  • EBC 4219 Service Design

Portfolio skill trainer:

  • EBS 2062 Mobile Innovation & Marketing (also Coordinator of this course)
  • EBS 1001 Reflections on Academic Discourse
  • EBS 4039 Smart Service Skills


Member of the Decetralized Selection Comittee