A day in the life of Lisa

Lisa Brüggen received a prestigious Aspasia grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research and studied how she can get people to examine their pension in time. Lisa also was the driving force behind the Elinor Ostrom Fund to stimulate the advancement of female scientists. This year, she received an award from the American Marketing Association.

Name: Lisa Brüggen
Age: 38
Native country: Germany
Residence: Maastricht
Position: Associate Professor in Marketing at Maastricht University SBE.
Activities at UM: founder Elinor Ostrom Fund to boost the promotion of female scientists.

 In my teaching I try to bring various parties together  

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Life of Lisa


Good schools and childcare in South Limburg

Maastricht and its surroundings have a large offer of houses for rent or sale. You can choose to live in an apartment in a mansion in the city centre, a flashy apartment at Centre Céramique, a terraced house in a green suburb, but also in a detached house outside the city, for example in the beautiful Mergelland (marl country) or just across the border in Belgium.

You will almost always find an elementary school at biking distance from your home and many secondary schools are highly acclaimed in national quality lists. It is very normal to take your kids with you on your bicycle or in a cargo bike even at a very young age. Children learn to ride a bike themselves as soon as possible.  

 Life in Maastricht

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At Maastricht University you are close to your students

Problem Based Learning allows students to discuss issues and look for solutions. As a teacher you guide that process. You tutor groups and give practical sessions as well as lectures. But there is also enough room for research, both literally and figuratively. On your own or in a group, in one of the research institutes, or graduate schools. The UM supports initiatives and finances new projects in the region.

 Work in Maastricht
 Research Institutes

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Many staff members and students at the UM are international

In practically all meetings the working language is English and all information is provided in English. That makes it easier for international staff members to find their way. In Maastricht you can have a conversation in English with almost everyone. Still it is also important to learn Dutch, because it makes you feel even more at home in the city.  

 Language Centre
 Life in Maastricht


Lunch with colleagues in one of the many eateries

Or you eat, as most Dutch people do, ‘a quick homemade cheese sandwich behind your computer’. Anything goes. The university buildings in the inner city are surrounded by cosy, inexpensive and good eating restaurants and delis. But also the university restaurants in the School of Business & Economics and Randwyck are excellent. 

 Life in Maastricht

Life of Lisa Timeline - Lunch

The UM stimulates collaboration with business and industry

The UM stimulates collaboration with business, industry and government organisations and takes the initiative in organising and financing large scale initiatives in the region. In the past four years, for example, four Brightlands campuses were formed, where the knowledge level of the region is tremendously stimulated and special, innovative projects are started. Of course this is not only to the benefit of UM researchers, but students are also involved in as many initiatives as possible. Particularly students and researchers of Maastricht Science College and University College Venlo optimally use these opportunities. Educational curricula are adjusted and research projects set up.  

Contacts between students and future employees are welcomed with open arms. UM researchers also look for connections with business and other knowledge institutions. Valorisation of scientific research is high on the agenda.

 Work in Maastricht
 Smart Services Hub (in dutch)
 Brainport 2020

Life of Lisa Timeline - Bedrijfsleven

Quality and regional products

Maastricht offers a wide range of artisanal bakers, biological butchers, fishmongers, delicatessen, caterers and pastry shops. The number of take-outs and restaurants with biological, vegetarian or vegan dishes grows daily. Of course there are also the regular supermarkets, Turkish supermarkets and in the city centre a large supermarket with Asian products.

 Life in Maastricht

Life of Lisa Timeline - Delicatessen

Business dinner?

Quick bite of dinner at top level? Don’t feel like cooking? Maastricht has it all. In one of the many (international) eateries, food corners or restaurants you can have a pleasant and nice meal. Want to go cordon bleu? You will find exclusive restaurants, some even crowned with Michelin stars, in Maastricht and the region. Many people in South Limburg cross the border for a good meal: In Belgium (Visé, Liège, Hasselt) and Germany (Aachen, Cologne, Düsseldorf) the choice is enormous and the quality, as in Maastricht, excellent. 

 Life in Maastricht

Life of Lisa Timeline - Business dinner

At night there is plenty to do in the city

You can go to one of the three cinemas (mainstream or arthouse), visit a (pop)concert in the Muziekgieterij, a theatre performance or one of the many (music) festivals in the city. But you can also attend a Studium Generale lecture or take part in a debate organised by Debate Centre Sphinx. And there’s nothing wrong with having a beer or a good glass of wine in one of Maastricht’s 200 cafés.  

Do you like to be active after work, then join one of the many choirs, the University Orchestra, the UM Big Band or nay of the amateur theatre companies. You can, of course, also take a music or art class at centre for amateur arts Kumulus, or do sports via UM Sport of with one of the Maastricht sport associations. 

 Sports in Maastricht
 Relax in Maastricht

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