About living in Maastricht

Thinking about studying or working in Maastricht?

We have listed a few things for you, so that you will get a better picture of life in Maastricht.

But first, check out a day in the lives of student Brian Megens and associate professor Lisa Brüggen. What are their days like? Can you picture yourself living in Maastricht and riding your bike to university?

Treaty of Maastricht

For many people in Europe Maastricht is the city where, on 7 February 1992, the Treaty of Maastricht was signed.  

The treaty, officially the ‘Treaty on European Union’ was signed by the twelve member states at that time. The treaty led to the name change of the European Community in European Union. It also concerned among others the establishment of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), which in turn led to the introduction of one common currency – the euro.  

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