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Sports enthusiasts find what they are looking for in Maastricht. First of all there is, of course, UM SPORTS that offers more than 65 different sports to students and employees: from Zumba to Climbing and from Dodgeball to Fencing, and from Muay Thai to Yoga. For those who want to plan their own time, the gym is the place to be and those who want to play in a team the sport associations are welcoming new members. Moreover, they organise training and activities for cyclists.

Exceptional University Sports Centre

The University Sports Centre (USC) is Maastricht University’s sports facility and the home of UM SPORTS. It has a gym area with cardio and power equipment where you can exercise alone or guided by an instructor, a climbing wall and squash courts. Besides the wide sports offer, UM SPORTS also offers services to its members, such as a free physiotherapy consultation. Watch this video, for a glimpse inside the USC.

Extraordinary – and unique in the Netherlands - is that the USC not only offers many sports facilities, but also learning facilities. Students can study before or after a training, work-out in one of the 175 Learning Spaces or work with other students on a project or assignment.

Get a tasty cappuccino or a nice sandwich at the Sports Café  while you study or after your workout!

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More information about UM SPORTS:

 Student sports associations   

Exercise outside in the park or the hilly countryside

If you don’t feel like joining UM SPORTS, there are more than enough other opportunities. The city itself, but definitely also its surroundings is excellent for beautiful tours: running through the parks, boot camping on the Sint Pietersberg or cycling alongside the Maas rivers.  

There are of course also many sports associations, health clubs, yoga and Pilates studios in Maastricht that you can join or where you can take classes.  

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