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Sports in Maastricht

Sports enthusiasts find what they are looking for in Maastricht. First of all there is, of course, UM SPORTS that offers 54 different sports to students and employees. You can choose from a wide range of classes, from Zumba and ClubPower to Frisbee and Capoeira, and from Muay Thai to Pilates and Yoga. Moreover, the UM Running and UM Cycling communities organise training and activities for beginning and experienced runners and cyclists.

UM SPORTS not only has an ultramodern sports centre with gym area, group class studios and big sports hall, but also squash courts, a climbing wall, 175 Learning Spaces and a sports café.

Life@UM - Sporten in Maastricht

Exceptional University Sports Centre

UM SPORTS is accommodated in the recently opened University Sports Centre (USC). There, you do not only choose from 35 indoor activities, but you will also find 12 student sports associations. It has a gym area with cardio and power equipment where you can exercise alone or with an instructor and a climbing wall. Besides the wide sports offer, UM SPORTS also offers services to its members, such as a free physiotherapy consultation. 

Extraordinary – and unique in the Netherlands - is that the USC not only offers many sports facilities, but also learning facilities. Students can study before or after a training or work-out in one of the 175 Learning Spaces or use the projection rooms to work with other students on a project or assignment.

For those who get hungry and thirsty, there is Sport Café Time Out: open from early morning till late at night; from a healthy breakfast to a nice drink!

Exercising outside in the park or the hilly countryside

If you don’t feel like joining UM SPORT, there are more than enough other opportunities. The city itself, but definitely also its surroundings is excellent for beautiful tours: running through the parks, boot camping on the Sint Pietersberg or cycling alongside the Maas rivers.  

There are of course also many sports associations, health clubs, yoga and Pilates studios in Maastricht that you can join or where you can take classes.  

High level
For more experienced sportsmen and –women the Limburg hills, the Eiffel and the Ardennes offer challenging tracks over beautiful hills and through green valleys alongside meandering small rivers. It’s not surprising that each year Maastricht is the (start and/or finish) location for several special sports events.  

UM Running en UM Cycling

UM Running is the platform for all Maastricht University runners: students, employees and alumni. We keep you informed of all running activities, such as trainings, matches, events, workshops and lectures via this website and Facebook.

UM Cycling is the platform for cyclists at Maastricht University. All students, employees and alumni are welcome to join. UM Cycling organises training tours, lectures, workshops and Start2Bike course for beginners. That way, UM Cycling contributes to the sportive image of the university, the integration of its various parts, the health of its employees and pleasure in cycling.  
Want to keep posted about all actual news? Follow the Facebook group  for spontaneous initiatives.

Sporten in Maastricht - UM Running - Cycling

Top sports woman and UM student

Name: Lisa Müllenberg
Age: 19
Residence: Maastricht
Sport: Judo
Study programme: Medicine

 I have about ten contact hours per week, which fits in perfectly with my training schedule. That was one of the reasons why I choose for the UM.   

Young judo talent
Already at the age of 3, she had her first judo training. From dad and granddad, both judo trainers. Soon she so much enjoyed this sport, that she could be found three times a week in the dojo. Not only did she like judo, she also turned out to be so talented that at the age of 14 she got chosen in national selection. From that moment on, she trained once a week in Eindhoven and twice a week in Nieuwegein. Quite a task besides high school? Not really, the school was completely cooperative and gave her all the space she needed. Two weeks to Japan for a training camp? That was not a problem either.

After high school, she started to study medicine in Maastricht. “I have about ten contact hours per week, which fits in perfectly with my training schedule. That was one of the reasons why I choose for the UM.”


In spite of the compulsory attendance rule for tutorials, she gets dispensation if she can really not combine these sessions with her training or match schedule. She gets the first opportunity to register for skills lab trainings and to choose those moments that fit in best with her judo schedule. “I have spoken with my study advisor about how we could combine the study programme with a top sport. She immediately said that I could take two years to do one year of the programme. But after all, that doesn’t seem necessary. It’s going great! "My training and match schedule always gets priority, also in the period preceding an exam. But so far the exams took place in the periods I didn’t have a training camp or tournament.” With the exception of a progress exam that she had to miss. “By the way, that was no issue. Because I had a good result for the three previous progress exams, I was allowed to miss this one. Besides, I have passed all block exams as well.”



Focus on Tokyo
Now and then, between a tutorial and a lecture, Lisa trains at UM Sport. “When I have little time and a judo training at night, I do my power training during the day at the university sports centre. But mostly I do power trainings at home or in Sittard.”

Everything is concentrated on the Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo. These take place in the summer after she earned her master’s degree. At least if everything keeps going to plan. She is confident about doing internships. “Everyone is very flexible and well-willing.” She doesn’t foresee any problems. “I can be the first to choose my internship places. And if it’s really necessary, I am prepared to ‘park’ my study for a while. But we’ll worry about that when the time comes.”  


Large diversity of sports at UM Sports