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UM provides learning spaces where you can study from early morning until late at night, and even on weekends

More than 2,500 study places

Studying in Maastricht

When you follow a study programme, you'll be spending hours reading books or collaborating on projects. You can do that in your own room or in one of the UM Learning Spaces, alone or in a group.

You can also find quiet spots to study in town: coffee places, the city library and (when the weather is fine) even the park.


Learning spaces

2,500+ learning spaces in the University Library
Almost half of them have computer workstations and in the ones that don't, you can work on your own laptop with free Wi-Fi.

The Inner City Library has over 950 study spaces. The Randwyck Library (including the LINK internet café and Computer Facilities) offers more than 1,050 learning spaces in total.

Studying in a former military barracks
In addition, the UM Student Services Centre in Bonnefantenstraat offers 138 spaces. Bring your own laptop and books.

The old Tapijnkazerne, a former military base close to the UM's city-centre faculties, offers another 150 learning spaces. Inside the faculty buildings and at UNU-Merit, you will also find spaces where you can work on your own or in groups.

Quiet please! 
At most locations, you can choose between individual spaces or group spaces (for two to ten persons). You can also work in a large quiet room in one of our libraries, where you study individually in the presence of other students.

 Study places in Maastricht University Library
 Overview of informal study places

Studying in your favourite hang-out

Study cells: quiet spots to concentrate on your study
The city library, Centre Céramique, offers free access to Wi-Fi. Membership is required for borrowing books and media, and for access to the digital library.

On the second floor of Centre Céramique you can even study in a true work of art: the study cells designed by Atelier van Lieshout. They have been equipped with light, ventilation and small windows.

  Studying at Centre Céramique


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Or about student life?

You’ll be able to talk to a diverse group of students from Germany, the US, the Netherlands,  Bulgaria and Lithuania, all studying at different faculties of Maastricht University. They can give you a first-hand account of what it is like to study and live in Maastricht.

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Are you going to study in Maastricht? 

Studeren in Maastricht - INKOM

Join the INKOM! The INKOM is the introduction week for all new bachelor's and master's students of Maastricht University and Zuyd University. During this week activities will take place where all student, study, and sport associations will present themselves to the new Maastricht students. Accompanied by two senior students you will get to know Maastricht in small groups, a mix of Dutch and international students. Moreover, there will be big parties every night with performances of well-known artists and dj’s. At the end of the INKOM you will feel completely integrated into Maastricht’s student life, and know exactly what the city has to offer!

INKOM is organised by students, for students. Visit the INKOM website for the complete programme or look at and like the INKOM Facebook page. The INKOM has limited places available, so be sure to sign up on time!


Having problems finding relevant information or don’t you know what to do in Maastricht? Visit mymaastricht.nl - the official information portal for Maastricht’s international student population. Backed by Maastricht University, Zuyd Hogeschool and the municipality, mymaastricht.nl provides you with reliable and up-to-date information about life in Maastricht. To sort out all the trivial things in life we cover information on housing, health, finances and public transport. To go explore Maastricht we keep you up to date on all events and news and show you were to get involved with sports or the local community. All the information you need in one place! Start making Maastricht yours, today.

Welcome to Maastricht (mymaastricht.nl introduction video)

Put your knowledge to practice

A study association, something for you?
You can join a study association in your faculty and participate in discussions, workshops, lectures and other gatherings about the field of study. Often these associations offer their members special study materials that were assembled on the basis of the experience of years from (former) students. Great support for your studies. Almost each faculty has its own study association.

 Overview of study and student associations

Broaden your horizon
Maastricht also has many opportunities to develop yourself outside your field of study. Think of: 

 Unicef Student Team
 AIMS, Amnesty International's student department
 International student association AIESEC
 Studium Generale
 the Match project  

Study in Maastricht - members of a study association

Maybe you wish to broaden or deepen your knowledge.