Week 1 Learning Analytics

Week 1

During the first week of this MOOC we will be getting to know one another and will dive into the definition of Learning Analytics. Additionally, we will start analysing our learning journey in order to prepare us for the coming weeks.

Learning Analytics Unraveled

Week 2

The second week of this MOOC is devoted to the question of why Learning Analytics is of importance. To this end we will be discussing real-life applications of Learning Analytics and will collaboratively conceive its hidden potentials.

Week 3 Learning Analytics

Week 3

The third week of this MOOC concerns the question of how Learning Analytics can be applied in your organization, for which frameworks and best practices will be supplied and discussed.

Week 4 Learning Analytics

Week 4

Finally, the fourth week of this MOOC helps you to put acquired knowledge into practice by discussing important considerations and potential pitfalls which can occur when fulfilling your Learning Analytic aspirations.

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