Learning Analytics Unraveled

Learning Analytics Unraveled

Heard a lot about learning analytics, but not sure what it means and what it can bring? This massive open online course (MOOC /muːk/) on Learning Analytics Unraveled will help you to understand what Learning Analytics is all about, why you should use it and how. The MOOC will take four weeks and approximately four hours of study time each week. Once you have finished the MOOC, Learning Analytics is no longer a buzzword to you.
You will know about all the ins and outs and have a better understanding of implementing it in an organisation.​

Unravel Learning Analytics yourself?

We are almost going live! 28 October we are starting with the MOOC ‘Learning Analytics Unraveled’. The MOOC will take four weeks. The first week we will start with an introduction on 'What is Learning Analytics' and how could it be applied in different organisations. In week two we will focus on why we should be interested in Learning Analytics and for which kind of purposes it can be used. Third, in week three we look into different ways of applying Learning Analytics, always keeping in mind the purpose you are heading for. Finally, we zoom into pitfalls when doing learning analytics.  


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Learning Analytics Moderators

Simon Beausaert Associate professor in Workplace Learning at Maastricht University
Melvyn Hamstra Assistant Professor in Organizational Behavior at Maastricht University
Simeon De Smet The Learning Hub
Francois Walgering Next Learning Valley


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What to expect:

Week 1

Week 2

The second week of this MOOC is devoted to the question of why Learning Analytics is of importance. To this end we will be discussing real-life applications of Learning Analytics and will collaboratively conceive its hidden potentials.

Week 3

The third week of this MOOC concerns the question of how Learning Analytics can be applied in your organization, for which frameworks and best practices will be supplied and discussed.

Week 4

Finally, the fourth week of this MOOC helps you to put acquired knowledge into practice by discussing important considerations and potential pitfalls which can occur when fulfilling your Learning Analytic aspirations.

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