Kai Jonas (K.J.)

Kai J. Jonas is Full Professor of Applied Social Psychology (endowed chair with the specific focus on LGBTQI+ diversity and health) in the Work and Social Psychology Department.

He is currently Editor in Chief of Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology.

In the past he held an adjunct professorship at the Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. In 2015, he was a visiting professor at Mahidol University, Thailand.

From 2017-2023 he served on the Executive Board of EASP, and from 2020-2023 as her president.

His research currently centers around self-regulation and affective approaches in the area of health and discrimination, as well as (risky) decisions.

Orcid ID

PokemonGo level: 40

Current projects are:

  • "PROTECT", investigating determinants of long-acting PrEP use in Europe, co-financed by ViiV Healthcare
  • EMIS 2023/24, co-financed by ECDC and national partners
  • Determinants and risks of arcade gaming, financed by FEC (in collaboration with Dr. Karlijn Massar)
  • "Reducing HIV in border regions in the Netherlands: The EuRegio project",  financed by the Province of Limburg, ViiV Healthcare and the Dutch Aidsfonds
  • "Ensuring meaningful involvement and stigma reduction in HIV cure research" (PI Dr. Stutterheim) financed by Dutch Aidsfonds
  • "Determinants of ARV initiation and adherence among PLHIV in Indonesia" financed by LPDP (PhD student Bona Sardo Hutahaean)
  • Transgender and HIV (in collaboration with Dr. Sarah Stutterheim)
  • EMIS/LAMIS 2017/18 collaboration (funded by several national partners and EU)
  • #DigitalCourage  - moral courage in the digital realm.
  • Heritage & Wills - psychological processes (in collaboration with Hubertus A. Jonas)
  • AmsterdamPinkPanel - a national LGBTI research panel in collaboration with COC Amsterdam and UvA (Dr. Allard Feddes, UvA)

Past projects

  • "3WE - Well-being, Women and Work in Ethiopia: Creating synergies between SDGs 3, 5 and 8 through Foreign Direct Investment" by NWO-WOTRO
  • "HIV prevention after PrEP use", financed by the Dutch AIDS Fonds
  • EU Flash PrEP survey (co-financed by the Dutch Aids Fonds, in collaboration with AIDES, Paris)
  • PrEP among MSM in the Netherlands: Attitudes, intentions, modes of acquisition and sexual risk taking (PhD student Mart van Dijk, financed by the Dutch Aids Fonds)
  • PREPPY PrEP Pilot Study in Manila, Ph (in collaboration with Love Yourself, Manila, financed by AmfAR & Dutch Aids Fonds)
  • Test XXX, HIV testing in Southeast Asia (in collaboration with APCOM, Bangkok, financed by the Dutch Aids Fonds)
  • ASAP Annual Sex and Pleasure Survey among MSM in Bangkok (in collaboration with Dr. Thomas Guadamuz, Mahidol University Bangkok)
  • CIRCUIT PrEP uptake by MSM attending Circuit Parties (PI Dr. Thomas Guadamuz, Mahidol University Bangkok, financed by NIH)
  • SECONDARY Linkage of young HIV+ MSM into care (PI Dr. Thomas Guadamuz, Mahidol University Bangkok, financed by NIH)
  • PrEP Tourism in Asia (in collaboration with CUHK, AIDS Concern, and Silom Pulse Clinic Bangkok, financed by ATF)
  • Asian Masculinities and substance use (in collaboration with Dr. Nelson Cheung, CUHK, financed by CUHK internal funds) and Dr. Karlijn Massar
  • LGBT Hate Crime Coping (Dr. Allard Feddes, UvA financed by EU ISF)
  • Child sex exploitation - determinants and  interventions (in collaboration with the Dutch National Police)