Job Zomerplaag (J.B.)

Job Zomerplaag is a PhD researcher and programme maker at the intersection of Europe, sustainability, and citizenship. He is affiliated with Studio Europa Maastricht (SEM), a centre of expertise for European affairs at Maastricht University, and with United Nations University-MERIT (UNU-MERIT), the UN's institute for comprehensive innovation. 

His research focuses on the distribution and shifting of roles and responsibilities between government, businesses and citizens in sustainability transitions. He explores the impact of new forms of partnerships and citizen collectives on neighbourhood decarbonisation, incorporating both historical and contemporary perspectives. His research is supervised by Prof. Dr. René Kemp and Prof. Dr. Mathieu Segers, and continued by Dr. Maja Ročak after the passing of Segers in December 2023.

His approach is characterised by generating connections and oriented towards solutions, emphasizing storytelling and community building. He is committed to translating academic knowledge into practical insights for society. His work outside academia, therefore, directly contributes to his research.

Before his Ph.D. research, Job worked as a journalist and communication strategist. He is regularly asked as an event host and moderator and enjoys sharing his insights with a broad audience.

Job holds a Master's degree in Public Policy, focusing on how governments can stimulate and support innovation. He also completed a European Master's in urban studies. During his undergraduate studies, he studied communication sciences and urban geography. In 2021, he won the Kremers Incentive Award for his research on citizen participation in urban renewal projects.

Job grew up near Maastricht but has also lived and worked in various European cities such as Rotterdam, Utrecht, Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen, and Madrid.