I.L.J. Melchior

My main research interests are collective memory, national identity, and Eastern Europe. The courses I am currently teaching at FASoS, link very well up to that. I have a background in both sociology and anthropology. In 2015 I defended my PhD thesis 'Guardians of living history: the persistence of the past in post-Soviet Estonia' at the VU University in Amsterdam in the department of Social and Cultural Anthropology. Alongside my academic jobs, I have also worked in applied social scientific research.

My ethnographic fieldwork in Estonia has been a great experience, which I would like to share with FASoS students in various ways. I also hope to contribute to the department with my experience in applied research, and with my expertise in Eastern Europe.

I work on Mondays and Thursdays. My open office hours are on Thursdays from 16:00-17:45 o'clock. Welcome!