Houman Kahroba (H.)

Greetings! My journey in biology began in high school when I took part in the national Olympiad of biology laboratory. This early interest led me to pursue a Bachelor's in Cellular and Molecular Biology with a minor in Microbiology. The turning point in my career occurred when I entered the field of human molecular genetics for my master's, engaging in diverse projects such as recombinant protein cloning, molecular diagnosis of animal diseases, and HLA typing for multiple sclerosis.


In 2015, I embraced the role of a research assistant at the Molecular Medicine department of Tabriz Medical University, where my focus shifted to unraveling the roles of small extracellular vesicles (exosomes) in cancer, autoimmune diseases, and infertility. Transitioning to a dual PhD program in 2022 at Maastricht University and Hasselt University, I am currently immersed in two cohort studies from Belgium and England. My primary research investigates the impact of air pollution, specifically Black Carbon, on childhood cancer and its effects on placental dysfunction and fetal brain development. My research centers on transcriptomics and the cargo of small extracellular vesicles as crucial signaling entities in these processes.